Winding Down: a playlist

You’re all alone in the airport waiting room, waiting that call for passengers to enter the airplane. Midnight flight, as usual. The cup of coffee that’s no longer warm, how you wish it to be something stronger to calm your nerves. You’re exhausted – tired –  this week has been hell of a roller coaster ride. This airplane will take you to another stress, another work. All hell broke loose, that’s all you can ever think, while still have your laptop sitting nicely on top of your thigh. You wonder how most people will already sleep in the comfort of their home, how in another side of town people have just arrived at their home after spending time with their loved ones, ready to start another week with the bright smile on their face.

The past couple of days were just memories that you want to forget. Why everybody’s angry? Why I’m drown in my own feelings, full of sensitivity?

It’s only a couple hours away before another week starts, and you’re not ready, you never will be. The numbers on top of the envelope icon on your laptop keep on increasing, begging to be read. But you, you deserve a break. You deserve a little peace for yourself. You deserve a ‘winding down’ moment. It’s justifiable.

01. Kodaline – All I Want
02. HONNE – I Can Give You Heaven (Late Night Mix)
03. James Blake – Retrogade
04. Jessie Ware – Keep on Lying
05. LANY – ILYSB (Stripped)
06. Gavin James – Nervous
07. Lauv – The Other (Stripped)
08. Rendy Pandugo – I Don’t Care
09. James Bay – Let It Go
10. Oh Wonder – Ultralife (Abbey Road Piano Session)
11. Adhitya Sofyan – Blue Sky Collapse
12. Thomston – Birthmark
13. MAX – Lights Down Low (feat. Gnash)
14. Jose James – Heaven on the Ground (feat. Emily King)
15. Ta-ku – Treading Water (feat. Wafia)
16. Jhene Aiko – Eternal Sunshine

Listen to them here.


A New Window: First Ever Solo Trip

This is actually a very long overdue post since the trip was actually on December 2016 to January 2017. Due to my procrastinating habit and me being easily focus-shifted, the post ended up coming out sooooo late. Well, anyway..

I finally achieved one of my dream/bucket list/things-I-want-since-years-ago and that is…..visiting South Korea! The South Korea addiction of mine started way back from high school. So, years later I was so thankful to cross it off of my bucket list (well, almost anyway, I still have several things related to the country).

The opportunity came because I got assigned from my campus laboratory to find conference where I can present the laboratory’s grant work. I got the chance to present the work in Jeju Island, South Korea. I arrived in Jeju Island on 27 December 2016 late at night and stayed there until 31 December 2016 morning. Since the conference was only on 29 December (with the previous day being the day to confirmed my attendance to the conference which only took for about 3 minutes…) I got 2 full days of going around the island.

What you have to take note if you were to visit Jeju Island is the fact that the island is actually really big and the tourist attractions are basically spread all over the island, meaning that you can’t actually visit a lot of places at once since the distance between each of them are too far off. Besides, their main public transportation is bus and they don’t have subway yet like Seoul so the time spend on the road is actually pretty long. Other thing to remember is, most of the locals don’t speak English. If you’re like me who’s basically clueless about Korean language in general, my advice is just to find the nearest tourist center since they speak English well to know more about what to explore with the time you got in hand.

Day 1: Seongsan Ilchulbong

I was actually planning to go to Mount Hallasan on my first day at Jeju Island. But, with me being hardly adjusted to the cold weather (it’s 0 degree at that time which later I found out was not actually the worst you can experience in South Korea), I ended up starting my day a little bit late. The bus ride for Mt. Hallasan took for about 2.5 hours and the last bus that went to Mt. Hallasan was on the afternoon (I forgot at what time but I think maybe it’s on 2 pm). So, the lady at tourist center advised me to go to Seongsan Ilchulbong instead.

Having no idea whatsoever I decided to follow her suggestion. I rode bus no. 710. But then I had no idea where to stop so when I heard the word “Seongsan” in one of the bus stop I decided to drop off there, only to find out that it’s not the correct bus stop HAHAHA. I was so confused and I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up taking a taxi to Seongsan Ilchulbong from there. Luckily, it’s not that far. From google, when you want to go to Seongsan Ilchulbong, you should’ve stop at Seongsan-ri Samuso/Seongsan-ri community office bus station.

The ride from Bus Terminal to Seongsan took about 2 hours but let me tell you this, it’s really worth it! The view was really pretty. I’ll let the picture show you why.

And me, trying to be handy and getting a good shot with my solitude (thanks to gorilla pod and camera timer):

Think I did a pretty good shot tho

I spent like 4 hours there, mostly just to walk around, to enjoy the view and well, to have some alone time and have some time to think about everything hahaha. After that, I ended up getting back to the guest house since I gave up with the cold weather.

Day 3: Mount Hallasan, Iho Beach, and That Place that I haven’t Actually Figured Out What’s the Name

Day 2 was my conference day so I continued to explore the island on my third day. The third day started with me being a little bit adjusted to the weather, so I went to Mount Hallasan from early morning. Then again, me not being that athletic with a lot of energy, I didn’t finish the long track since I was exhausted! But I did enjoy the view and the long walks.

Anyway, if you were to visit Mount Hallasan on winter, since it’s indeed after all a mountain, bring a mountain tracking gear since the road will be quite slippery. Since I stayed in a guest house, actually one of the guests were nice enough to lend me hers so I didn’t have to rent or buy the stuff.

If you wonder how Mount Hallasan looks like, here it is.


I went back to the center of Jeju Island in the afternoon. I decided to visit one of the nearest beach since Jeju Island had tons of beaches and the trip wouldn’t be completed without visiting one. I didn’t really have a lot of time since my flight to Seoul next day was on early morning so I had to pack the night before.

The lady in tourist center suggested me to go to Iho Beach (seriously, I was really thankful for her existence as I was entirely a clueless traveler). So I took the bus to go to Iho Beach. On my way there, I spotted a little wooden pier with gorgeous view so I ended up taking off there. Until now, I still have no idea what’s this place actually is. But this place really brought myself a lot of feelings and contemplation.

Moving on, my last stop was the Iho Beach. From this place, it still took for about 15 minutes with taxi (since I didn’t find any bus passing anymore…). It’s actually quite sad to go to the beach all alone since most of people there visited the beach with their families, friends or their loved ones while I was there all alone strolling along the beach with the camera’s battery almost ran out. But, you can never doubt the joyful and calmness you can get from the beach anyway.

Iho Beach
Beautiful even when it’s dark

And so that’s it! After Jeju, I went to Seoul and also explored the city which had a pretty contrast sight compared to Jeju Island. I gotta say I didn’t visit a lot of places while in Jeju but only from those places I can already concluded that Jeju Island is a really beautiful place to visit. Based on my post maybe I did seem like I didn’t plan my itinerary beforehand but I actually did. But then, it’s actually best to explore Jeju Island with a rented car but I was alone and rented a car was an expensive choice, so I had to take the bus everywhere which took quite a long time, and with the inadequate time I got in hand, I ended up going to places with no plan in hand. I didn’t regret it tho, not at all. I actually really liked it!

TV Talks

For those who know me pretty well, they know enough that I watch a lot of TV, like really a lot. I watch a lot of TV series and TV shows, and it’s becoming something that I really enjoy over the past couple of years.

It’s not like I watched all of them until the end of the series or something because often times, I stopped halfway because I lost interest. So, it’s actually not that hard for me to make a list of my favorite series, considering that I didn’t often find myself have long-term interest in particular TV series.

I did contemplate a lot whether I should make this a top ten or a top five TV series, but after several considerations I decided to choose the latter.

So, without further ado, here it is my ultimate top five of my favorite series (and note this, these five for me are ‘the’ holy grail series that I can’t imagine for them to ever end, and that scares me).

  1. The Big Bang Theory

    Image result for the big bang theory
    I first watched the show like at the first year of my college and I was instantly hooked. I think each characters have their own perks that you can’t help not to love. The story itself is about the life of four nerds filled with humors, love and of course that science and nerd stuffs like gaming, comic books and so on. Along the season you can see the characters to grow and develop – for me this is really important. This is definitely something that you have to watch because trust me, it’s really good and funny. I really can’t pick who’s my favorite among the four boys as they’re all shine in their own way. The truth is, I watch every TBBT episodes at least twice and I even watched more than 5 times for some episodes. To give you a clear picture how addicted I am with this show, I’m actually always watch at least one random episode per day, and often times it’s as much as five random episodes per day..and note that this is a daily routine. I’m that addicted.

  2. Criminal Minds

    Image result for criminal mindsThis show is the show that I’ve followed since its earlier season and this one is the show that I’ve followed the longest (since several shows already come to end). The only thing that pissed me off about this show is how the casts lineup always changed after the end of the season. Like seriously, what’s wrong with the management??
    But anyway, what I really like about this show is how they analyze crime from the suspects’ behavior (or in this show they’re called as Unknown Subject or Unsub). The analysis of the crime scene will portray the type of Unsub they’re dealing with and this really piqued my interest. I watched a lot of crime drama and by far nothing makes me as fall in love as Criminal Minds. By the way, the reason why I picked the above picture because they’re by far my most favorite characters lineup throughout the series. Surprisingly, I don’t have any attachment toward Prentiss and have no interest whatsoever toward Gideon.

  3. Game of Thrones

    Image result for game of thronesI mean come on, how can you not love Game of Thrones? This show has it all from the unexpected twists and turns with the characters that you can instantly love or hate…or both. Although I do realize that for some people they just can’t stand how graphic the show is. But the story is so good people, seriously just skip the pornographic parts if you can’t stand watching them lol. For those of you who don’t know, Game of Thrones’ story revolves around the seven kingdoms and the battle of conquering the Iron Throne (trust me it’s not boring at all).
    This show is definitely something that will keep you on the edge of your seat most of the time. You can never expect how the story will turn out and I think this is what make the show stands out. If you read the news, you’ll know how much the production cost of this show and I think it’s really worth it since the cinematography is really beautiful. The only thing I feel lacking from the show is just how some characters will have sooo little developments toward the series compared to the others so it felt a little off. But, considering that there are a lot of characters I think it’s understandable. All in all, please watch this and at least give the show a chance for couple of episodes. Then you’ll get what I raved about.

  4. Black Mirror

    Related image
    One of the UK TV series on this list, Black Mirror depicts how modern societies would turn out with regard to the unanticipated consequences from technologies. Each episodes are not connected to each other so you’ll watch new story line in every episodes, each with different characters.
    I fell instantly in love with Black Mirror because seriously, it will make you think. Not thinking like it’s hard to understand or something, but more like you’ll think that the episode will give you a clear picture about what could go wrong with the advancement of technologies and you can already see that starting to happen. The series will take your mind to hell of contemplation. This is a must watch if you’re interested in something dystopian. So far there are three seasons with 13 episodes in total. Watch them all, I’m not kidding.

  5. Sherlock

    Image result for sherlockWhat’s not to love? Sherlock basically has it all. Humor? Check. Interesting plot? Check. Irresistible character? Check check check. And I mean….Benedict Cumberbatch is seriously make one hell of a good Sherlock Holmes, no kidding.
    Sherlock itself tells a story about Sherlock Holmes in modern London setting. The case in each episode is pretty much based on the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with little adjustments here and there. Each episode will last for 1,5 hours like a movie, but seriously though, before you know it the episode will just end because it is that captivating. Although, I did find some episodes to be below my expectation (since the wait from one season to another can be pretty long), but all in all the show is still on top of my list.
    The only complain I have about this show is just the fact that it’s been too long – like really too long – since the last episode was aired. Well, you know how busy Cumberbatch was with all the movies he’s in so it’s no surprise that the shooting for Sherlock was constantly postponed. But from what I’ve heard, the season four is about to air real soon and I just can’t wait anymore! Finally.

So…that’s it! My top five TV series in a nutshell. But if you feel like you need more recommendation, here are several TV series that I also love and watch til it’s ended (or until now, if it’s still airing):




The Beginning

For the past couple of days, I did contemplate a lot whether or not I should start a blog. I used to like writing, but I never turned it into a regular hobby or something that I had to do.

I did have a blog when I was in junior high, you remembered it was a huge trend at that time. But it was only a personal blog filled with me telling me stories about my day and damn did it ever be an interesting thing.

Anyway, for these past few days, I kind of missed writing – how I can pour words to express what I think or what my view on something. I did also realize,  by being ‘writing-free’ for so long, I also lose interest in reading. I used to read a lot of stuffs but now I found it hard to focus for a long time – or to become so immerse in a reading – and ended up abandoning books after a halfway read or worse, never even read it in the first place.

I don’t know if this will become something regular or this is just a one time thing. Heck, I don’t even know what to write at the moment. But I guess, it’s always better to start late rather than not start at all.