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For those who know me pretty well, they know enough that I watch a lot of TV, like really a lot. I watch a lot of TV series and TV shows, and it’s becoming something that I really enjoy over the past couple of years.

It’s not like I watched all of them until the end of the series or something because often times, I stopped halfway because I lost interest. So, it’s actually not that hard for me to make a list of my favorite series, considering that I didn’t often find myself have long-term interest in particular TV series.

I did contemplate a lot whether I should make this a top ten or a top five TV series, but after several considerations I decided to choose the latter.

So, without further ado, here it is my ultimate top five of my favorite series (and note this, these five for me are ‘the’ holy grail series that I can’t imagine for them to ever end, and that scares me).

  1. The Big Bang Theory

    Image result for the big bang theory
    I first watched the show like at the first year of my college and I was instantly hooked. I think each characters have their own perks that you can’t help not to love. The story itself is about the life of four nerds filled with humors, love and of course that science and nerd stuffs like gaming, comic books and so on. Along the season you can see the characters to grow and develop – for me this is really important. This is definitely something that you have to watch because trust me, it’s really good and funny. I really can’t pick who’s my favorite among the four boys as they’re all shine in their own way. The truth is, I watch every TBBT episodes at least twice and I even watched more than 5 times for some episodes. To give you a clear picture how addicted I am with this show, I’m actually always watch at least one random episode per day, and often times it’s as much as five random episodes per day..and note that this is a daily routine. I’m that addicted.

  2. Criminal Minds

    Image result for criminal mindsThis show is the show that I’ve followed since its earlier season and this one is the show that I’ve followed the longest (since several shows already come to end). The only thing that pissed me off about this show is how the casts lineup always changed after the end of the season. Like seriously, what’s wrong with the management??
    But anyway, what I really like about this show is how they analyze crime from the suspects’ behavior (or in this show they’re called as Unknown Subject or Unsub). The analysis of the crime scene will portray the type of Unsub they’re dealing with and this really piqued my interest. I watched a lot of crime drama and by far nothing makes me as fall in love as Criminal Minds. By the way, the reason why I picked the above picture because they’re by far my most favorite characters lineup throughout the series. Surprisingly, I don’t have any attachment toward Prentiss and have no interest whatsoever toward Gideon.

  3. Game of Thrones

    Image result for game of thronesI mean come on, how can you not love Game of Thrones? This show has it all from the unexpected twists and turns with the characters that you can instantly love or hate…or both. Although I do realize that for some people they just can’t stand how graphic the show is. But the story is so good people, seriously just skip the pornographic parts if you can’t stand watching them lol. For those of you who don’t know, Game of Thrones’ story revolves around the seven kingdoms and the battle of conquering the Iron Throne (trust me it’s not boring at all).
    This show is definitely something that will keep you on the edge of your seat most of the time. You can never expect how the story will turn out and I think this is what make the show stands out. If you read the news, you’ll know how much the production cost of this show and I think it’s really worth it since the cinematography is really beautiful. The only thing I feel lacking from the show is just how some characters will have sooo little developments toward the series compared to the others so it felt a little off. But, considering that there are a lot of characters I think it’s understandable. All in all, please watch this and at least give the show a chance for couple of episodes. Then you’ll get what I raved about.

  4. Black Mirror

    Related image
    One of the UK TV series on this list, Black Mirror depicts how modern societies would turn out with regard to the unanticipated consequences from technologies. Each episodes are not connected to each other so you’ll watch new story line in every episodes, each with different characters.
    I fell instantly in love with Black Mirror because seriously, it will make you think. Not thinking like it’s hard to understand or something, but more like you’ll think that the episode will give you a clear picture about what could go wrong with the advancement of technologies and you can already see that starting to happen. The series will take your mind to hell of contemplation. This is a must watch if you’re interested in something dystopian. So far there are three seasons with 13 episodes in total. Watch them all, I’m not kidding.

  5. Sherlock

    Image result for sherlockWhat’s not to love? Sherlock basically has it all. Humor? Check. Interesting plot? Check. Irresistible character? Check check check. And I mean….Benedict Cumberbatch is seriously make one hell of a good Sherlock Holmes, no kidding.
    Sherlock itself tells a story about Sherlock Holmes in modern London setting. The case in each episode is pretty much based on the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with little adjustments here and there. Each episode will last for 1,5 hours like a movie, but seriously though, before you know it the episode will just end because it is that captivating. Although, I did find some episodes to be below my expectation (since the wait from one season to another can be pretty long), but all in all the show is still on top of my list.
    The only complain I have about this show is just the fact that it’s been too long – like really too long – since the last episode was aired. Well, you know how busy Cumberbatch was with all the movies he’s in so it’s no surprise that the shooting for Sherlock was constantly postponed. But from what I’ve heard, the season four is about to air real soon and I just can’t wait anymore! Finally.

So…that’s it! My top five TV series in a nutshell. But if you feel like you need more recommendation, here are several TV series that I also love and watch til it’s ended (or until now, if it’s still airing):




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